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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our main clinic is in Mumbai but we operate in 22 cities in India and at Dubai, Kuwait, Doha, Muscat, Riyadh, Istanbul, and London. The best price is available at Mumbai Centre. We have facility for airport pickup and drop.If you’re outside Mumbai, have a video consultation and clear all your queries. Prices will differ @ different cities& as per technic used. Anagen Hair Transplant, Bungalow 86,svp Nagar Jankidevi road, Bollywood lane, Andheri west mumbai,India,400053.
At Anagen Hair Transplant Centre, we have 1 Dermatologist(Dr. Samir MD.), 1) 2 Surgeon’s (Dr.Verma MS.)1 Facial Surgeon (Dr. Mitsu), BIO TECH researcher, 15 Hair Transplant Technicians, and for safety Anesthetist / emergency management doctor (Dr. Sunil, MD.). We have done good no of procedures to become a specialty clinic. Different team member will do different work like medical history taking & examination, hair line design, hair grafts extraction, slit making at recipient site, hair implantation, protocol auditors, post procedure follow up doctor.
In FUE (follicular unit extraction, or sometimes referred to as follicular unit transplantation) is a type of hair transplant surgery that involves extracting individual hair follicles from a donor part of the body, usually the sides and back of the head. Watch the video below to understand from start to finish the fue hair transplant procedure. .

Introducing IHT or IFUE. It’s a pioneering unique new technique for better survival of hair grafts and better results for hair transplant. As you know if a finger is cut, it loses its blood supply and it will die soon unless it is fixed back. If a fish is taken out of the water, it has to put back into the water as soon as possible or it will die. Similarly hair follicle have their blood supply. Once we take out from back of a donor’s scalp, it loses its blood supply, oxygen and nutrition. It may die soon in whatever solutions it is kept. So what IHT offers is, we take out the hair follicles and implant it simultaneously, so that out of body time of the hair follicles are dramatically reduced outside the scalp. So they are put back into the environment where they belong so that they can get their best supply of oxygen nutrition as soon as possible, and the survival of hair graft increases dramatically.

1) You will first consult with us on phone / whatsApp/ in person at clinic & clear all your queries.
2) You will be required to do following blood test &message the reports CBC, ESR, HB1AC, PT, INR, HHH marker, BP, pulse, ECG, Echo, TMT
3) If you are medical fit, you can enroll with us at Mumbai Centre or at 30 cities across the world.
4) You will deposit Rs. 5000/- (USD 100) & book Hair Transplant procedure.
5) You will be giving instructions before Hair Transplant procedure.
6) We also provide you cost effective stay options next to our clinic, airport pickup & drop Rs 2500, invitation letter for visa& city tour (Bollywood tourism, Spiritual tourism, food & shopping, Massage etc.)

Arrival at Clinic -10 am.
When you arrive on the morning of your procedure you will be greeted by one of our staff members. You will be asked to fill out some basic forms, make payment of the fees, while your doctor and surgical technicians prepare for the hair transplant surgery. A technician will provide you surgical dress and make sure you have followed the pre-operative instructions carefully. You will then be led into procedure room.

During the Procedure
before the hair transplant surgery begins, your hair expert will observe your previously discussed goals and expectations with the medical limits and work with the client to get the most effective results of your donor hair. The doctor/patient review is an integral part of the process: the doctor will listen to your wishes and ideas, take them into account, and make suggestions based on his experience.

1st phase of hair grafts extraction and implantation
Hair transplant surgery begins with injections of local anesthesia into the donor scalp area at the back of your head. The anesthesia will ensure that you feel minimal pain, except few pricks to numb the area. Once the area is numbed, hair grafts extraction will start. During this part of the procedure, you will be lying on your side or face down on a comfortable table very much like a massage table. Once the follicular extraction process is completed, simultaneously implantation will happen at the balding scalp after that, all of us, of course including you will have short lunch break.

Break & Relaxation
Once this initial phase of your hair restoration is completed you will be able to walk around to stretch your legs or use the washroom, while other staff members prepare the procedure room for the second phase of your hair restoration surgery.

2nd phase of hair graft extraction and implantation

Stretching break (whenever required)
After break, hair transplant surgery will continue: more grafts will be placed. During the restoration process you can request a break to use the toilet or get some relaxation.
Once the procedure is finished you will be presented with an after care post-operative instructions. After the final process you will feel little bit numb on scalp for 1 to 2 days. Your surgeon will give you prescription for medications such as anti-biotic, mild pain killers and other assorted items to make your post-operative healing time go as smoothly as possible. You will be encouraged to write or call clinic for any follow up questions.

After Procedure
7 days medicines you will be taking, you can work from home for 3/4 days after that you can continue your normal work.If you’re coming from outside Mumbai, you can return back next day morning.Wear an open shirt and not t-shirt, bring a friend or relative with you and you can have a normal food and routine activities after transplant and full gym after 15 days, you can wash your scalp daily after 1 day of procedure.You may apply minoxidil 5% spray on your scalp at night for 1 year.You can swim,cut or dye, your hair after one month

Yes, a small number of patients may not qualify for either medical reasons or higher than normal expectations. Strict contraindications for hair restoration are:
Diffusing alopecia. Hair loss can be either genetic or due to a local scalp skin problem or a general health problem, which can include metabolic, nutritional or hormonal problems. If hair loss is very diffuse then it may not be possible to undergo a DPI treatment.
Extended active inflammation on the scalp (dermatitis) which can also be caused by certain bacteria or fungi.
Under treatment with certain medications called “cytostatic drugs” Certain types of hair loss associated with the immune system (alopecia totalis or universalis)

Relative contraindications for the DPI hair restoration are:
Donor area has more than 15% of its hairs in “telogen,” a state whereby the hair follicle is weaker

Donor area is of low density at 70 hairs/cm2 or less Keloid scar formation.
Following cases we may we refuse to take – if you are heart patient, uncontrolled diabetes, if you are taking anti-psychotic medicine, history of convulsions, asthma.
Alopecia Areata, an immune type of hair loss, is in progress without stabilizationImmunological problems
Patients who suffer from connective tissue disease like lupus erythematous, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, etc.
Chronic or severe heart, renal or hepatic failure
Patients who wear wigs on a regular basis to cover their extended hair loss, as their expectations may not be met A skin condition called lichen, which can impede hair growthPsoriasis Systematic medication that provokes hair loss as a side effect.

Dear FUE hair transplant is quite safe if done in a good clinic with good protocols, with fully equipped facility. Dear after hair transplant some swelling may come on forehead which goes away by 3rd to 5th day.

Sometimes numbness, or few boils may come, we will take care of it. To minimize risks, Anagen clinics have extremely strict worldwide medical protocols and safeguards in place to ensure the safest treatment possible for all our patients. With good number of procedures performed worldwide, our quality control system (SOPS) is unique in the hair restoration industry

. Yes BIG SIDE EFFECT IS- “You will Younger and more handsome”. In addition, all our Doctors and Nurses are highly trained and experienced before they even reach the treatment room. Minimaladverse effect are swelling from 3 to 5 days, if you do not maintained good hygiene sometimes infection, rarely numbness persist, rarely emergency due to local anesthesia affect to avoid the above we choose our cases properly & do following blood test CBC, ESR, HB1AC, PT, INR, HHH marker, BP, pulse, ECG, Echo, TMT & take thorough medical history. We are one of the few clinics in the world who keep anesthetic or emergency doctor during the procedure, this is important for safety. We refuse cases who are not medically fit.

No specific precautions should be taken prior the hair transplant procedure. However it is advised that patients will not take blood thinners at least 7 days prior to the procedure, in order to avoid prolonged bleeding during implantation. Avoid smoking; make sure you’re not having any infection. Do not do crash dieting, do not take mood enhancing tablets, do not take steroid. Take 3 days leave from your office post hair transplant, although you can work from home during 3 days also.

There are many factors which makes our technique globally unique & probably .read below to understand more:
1) BIO Tech FUE- for better hair graft survival, avoidance of post FUE marks
2) Instant FUE – for higher success rate, as hair grafts out of the scalp for minimal time
3) Direct pen implanters- for high density precise depth control less damage blood supply to the scalp.
4) Use of thicker hair grafts for density & better hair survival.
5) Natural feathery & seashore designer hair line –

Dear we are probably the only clinic in the world, who will give you a financial guarantee on stamp paper brought by you for example we will take your scalp picture before procedure and your scalp pic at our clinic after 15 months of your transplant,if 10% results are less, we will transfer 10% fees paid by you, to your account or do a touch up procedure to satisfy you.
The initial Anagen consultation is always free of charge. Kindly call or WhatsApp & book your consultation date & time or consult on phone / whatsapp
Dear to achieve natural hair lines & dense results multiple steps of hair transplantation HAVE TO BE DONE WITH PERFECTION like- choosing the right candidate for hair transplantation, proper medical investigation, proper tools, use of magnification for quality thick hair graft extraction, instant implantation of extracted graft to minimize out of scalp time spent by hair grafts for higher hair grafts survival (which is the uniqueness of our clinic ), artistic hairline design, putting soft hair on the front row, right depth of hair implantation, angles of hair, curl of hair, distribution of hair grafts, keeping the hair moist, use of choi implanters, post op follow-up checking every hair during procedure, etc. So dear if you want great results for a great look doesn’t compromise for money choose the best?
we have 2 options regards shaving,a Regular session where the head is shaved completely, and an Executive Non-Shaved Session where only a small non visible area of the back of the head is shaved. For afaster designer look after 7 days of your hair transplant you can shave your head as below
Dear once you finalize to do your hair transplant, you need to deposit Rs. 5000 and book your dates, you need to do some blood test (We will message you the list) and you need to message us the reports. if you are going for 4000 to 5000 grafts,the procedure will be done in 2 days,You will come to the clinic by 10.30 am and leave by 7.30 pm,with lunch and tea break in between 7 days medicines you will be taking, you can work from home for 3/4 days after that you can continue your normal work.If you’re coming from outside Mumbai, you can return back next day morning.Wear an open shirt and not t-shirt, bring a friend or relative with you and you can have a normal food and routine activities after transplant and full gym after 15 days, you can wash your scalp daily after 1 day of procedure.You may apply minoxidil 5% spray on your scalp at night for 1 year.You can swim,cut or dyeyour hair after one month.You need to take few medicines in the night before your hair transplant and apply Prilox cream to numb your scalp. You will get few injection pricks to numb your scalp.PRP will be free for 2 days during transplant.You will be informed what medicines you need to bring with you.Your medical history will be taken by our doctor. We will message you the video on how to wash your head after hair transplant.You will follow up with us on phone or email –
PRP means platelets rich plasma wherein we take your 60 ml blood and put it in a machine and extract some hair growth boosters and inject into your thinning hair and on your scalp on transplanted area simultaneously we will prescribe you few medicines to prevent Hairloss and promote hair growth. You can also go for laser, derma roller and Mesotherapy to stop your hair loss but it has no guarantee as result vary from person to person,you may try one session and check whether your scalp is responding to PRP or non-surgical treatments. Cost will be approx. 3000 to 10000 per session depending on which non-surgical procedure you want to undergo.
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