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Hair Transplant for African & Caucasian

How its Done?

Hair transplant in Africans is challenging in many ways. Very few surgeons attempt hair transplant in African because of lack of expertise and difficulty in extracting multiple grafts. The grafts are unique due to stout and curly nature. The curvature of hair extends into the root of the hair follicle. This makes it difficult for a hair transplant surgeon to remove for the purpose of transplantation into the recipient site.
Special type of punches is needed in such cases. Since African prefers to keep short and cropped hair, FUT scars will be visible in such cases. We have been doing cases of hair transplant in such cases with great success. African also have a different hairline. Their hairline is more flatter compared to Asians. The whorl on the crown is missing in many cases in Africans. A surgeon needs to have deep understanding of African sense of hairstyle and shape and size of the face before attempting hair transplant in such cases.
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