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Scarless Hair Transplants?

Scarless Hair Transplants?
Hair transplant surgery has come a long way from the “plug” era, especially in recent years. Traditionally, large, circular hair grafts were used, creating rows of unnatural, plugged hair. Now, however, the treatment has evolved into a sophisticated and trusted solution to hair loss. In fact, some of the latest techniques are using tools and tactics that result in scarless hair transplants, making it nearly impossible to tell that any procedure was conducted. Can this be true? Is there really such a thing as scarless hair restoration? Thanks to a strategy known as follicular unit extraction, it certainly seems possible. Read on to learn more about this advanced hair transplant procedure.

How Are Scarless Hair Transplants Accomplished?
Follicular unit transplantations, the most popular form of hair restoration, can be done in two different ways: strip harvesting or unit extraction. Traditional strip harvesting requires doctors to remove a long piece of the scalp from the back of the head, the donor area. Then remaining skin is sutured together and hair is removed from the strip and placed in the balding regions around the crown and hairline. The problem here is that the sutures generally leave a linear scar along the back of the head, which is especially noticeable if a person has shorter hair. Unit extraction, on the other hand, is a technique that uses a small round punch to extract follicular units of three or four hairs, which are then transplanted into the balding area. The patient is left with small circles that heal on their own, leaving undetectable white dots; a scarless hair transplant.

Is the Hair Transplant Really Scarless?
The truth of the matter is that there is no scarless hair restoration surgery, it’s just a different kind of scar. The linear scar leftover from the strip technique is much more obvious, which makes people less inclined to have their procedure done that way. Follicular unit extraction does have some scarring, but the dots are practically invisible once they fully heal; this is the main reason that people claim it as scarless hair transplantation.
There have been improvements in the strip technique that have made scarring less noticeable. The use of trichophytic closure leaves a practically undetectable scar, and when hair grows out, no one will be able to see any indication of the surgical procedure. There will also be less scarring with this technique if it is performed by a well-trained, certified hair restoration specialist. Many people are deterred from getting the strip technique because they have seen pictures of unsightly scars, but those are often the results of an inexperienced doctor.

Is Scarless Hair Restoration Right for Me?
Follicular unit extraction is one of the most advanced and trusted techniques of hair restoration surgery. However, it may not be the best option for every patient. While it does boast a reputation of being one of the only scarless hair transplantation procedures, the enhancements to the strip technique have made it a popular option, as well. Unit extraction is good for a person who wears their hair really short, since a larger scar would be much more obvious without anything covering it. Another benefit is that unit extraction causes no tightness in the scalp, since there is no need for sutures. These are all factors you need to discuss with a trained hair loss specialist. A certified professional can walk you through all the pros and cons of each method and help you figure out which one might work best.

A couple other factors that need to be considered about scarless hair transplants are time and money. Follicular unit extraction it is a long process, since units are taken out one at a time and transplanted to the hairline individually. Also, the cost can be pretty daunting, and surgery prices can range depending on the extent of restoration. Smaller sections can run between $4,000 and $5,000, while larger areas can reach upwards of $12,000. This does not mean that scarless hair transplants are completely out of the question for those who may not be able to afford these costs. Your surgery can be custom-tailored to fit your budget, and many hair loss specialists will offer patient financing options. Also, when you consider that hair restoration surgery is permanent, the cost is well-worth it.

If you are suffering from an ever receding hair line, hair restoration is one of the best solutions. The kind of restoration you choose is up to you, but it is important to look at all the facts and speak with a hair loss specialist before going ahead with surgery. We have a number of highly-qualified and certified specialists in our network, so you will be sure to find a doctor with whom you feel comfortable to handle your hair restoration. Contact us today to learn more about scarless hair transplants or to schedule a free consultation with a hair loss specialist in your area.

For the right patient, Having the right hair proportion and scalp characteristics, hair transplant surgery can be a life changing hair transplant cosmetic procedure. However, not every hair loss sufferer is a good candidate for surgical hair restoration or hair transplantation. Its important to fully understand the criteria that makes a good hair transplant candidate in order to make a better informed decision when considering surgical hair restoration. What a prospective hair transplant patient needs to remember is that there is a finite amount of donor hair that can be moved to the balding areas of the scalp, and If this hair isnt used in a prudent and efficient manner with hair transplant procedure, the outcome of the procedure will not meet a patients expectations. Do not underestimate the importance of discussing these issues with your hair transplant surgeon or hair transplant expert during your consultation. Providing the hair transplant surgeon/hair transplant expert with your honest expectations can better help him explain the reality of your particular situation why you need hair transplant, and discuss whether or not undergoing a hair transplant procedure is right for you. Its also important to note that the approach of surgically keeping up with your hair loss is not a practical way to address most patients situations. Unfortunately, this mentality has evolved through the flashy and high pressure, late night marketing that has been the cornerstone of the less than ethical side of the hair transplant industry. Having small procedures early on in the hair loss process can be disastrous. Many young men and women are mislead by this marketing approach and are forced to deal with the emotional and physical consequences of falling into this trap. Patients in the early ages of hair loss, who have a significant amount of hair run the risk of "shock loss" caused by the trauma of the surgical procedure. While in most cases, the native hair that was shocked out will return, it can take many months to appreciate the full result of the surgery, causing distress to those who are affected by this. In some cases the young patient might be left with less hair then before the procedure. Understanding who makes the right candidate for surgical hair restoration is vitally important during the decision making process. Consulting with a skilled and ethical hair transplant surgeon/ hair transplant expert will make this process easier. In general, the best candidates for hair transplant surgery are: Men who have been losing their hair due to genetic hair loss for more than four years, or who have progressed to a Norwood class III or above with hair loss. Men with realistic expectations who understand that their hair loss might continue to progress even if they are taking prescription medication to stop the progression. Men who have been balding for many years and whos pattern of loss has stabilized. Men and women who have lost hair due to trauma or burns. Men and women who have lost hair or who’s hairlines were raised due to other cosmetic procedures such as face-lifts and brow lifts. Women with stable donor hair who exhibit more of a male pattern, than a female diffuse unpatterned hair loss. Anagen and Hair Translant in Mumbai Video Gallery Always Authentic. We’re proud of our work and always feature real, natural photos & videos with no airbrushing. Hair transplants can have a remarkable impact on an individual’s appearance after successful procedure,be proud of the new way you feel of yourselves. We are proud to share before-and-after hair transplant videos of our real patients so you can see the kind of results you can expect from our unique hair transplant procedure with FUT and FUE hair transplant technique.