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Patient Testimonials

Farhan Khan - in the last week
Suffering from hair fall from last 5 years and was confused about which clinic to select but Anagen for my treatment and really happy with my choice. Highly qualified and knowledgeable doctor, gave the perfect solution for my Hair problem. And i have got the desired result. Had a great experience, very helpful and pleasant staff. I would surely recommend Anagen to everyone looking for successful Hair treatment.

Arshad Khan - in the last week
I am ARSHAD,aa visual merchandiser,did 3200 biocell fue grafts with anagen hair transplant clinic, post 12 days i see hair growth but full result, doctor said will come in a years time.I ave referred my friends to anagen, all the best to them.Procedure was virtually painless, little swelling after 3 days which improved in next two days.

Sudeep Halba - 3 weeks ago
Hi this is sudeep .i am very happy with Anagen hairtransplant .done with 3000 grafts and the results are amazing..I would recommend anagen to anyone who is looking for good results wiith quality .

colors saree - a month ago
This is Shaid from mumbai, i was referred by my own brother who get excellent results, we have referred 11 patients ,so far to anagen haair transplant clinic , and are very happy, this is the best place for high quality hair transplant with affordable pricing.

Ankit Vaidya - 4 weeks ago
Hiii.... This is Ankit Vaidya, 25 years old. I have done 3000 graftsat anagen clinic. the procedure was really painless. I am very with my hairline and density. Anagen and Nigam are known for Nigam hair bundles as they are known for high density hair transplant. Dr. shah gave me good hairline and i recommend this clinic as i have been referred by my friend also met the owner Dr. Divya very courteous and gorgeous. After my research, i came to know this is the probably only clinic in the world which can minimize post FUE hair transplant, white dots amd micro scarring, most of the patients are not even aware about it because this clinic is doing stem cell hair research in japan, they have a good knowledge of tissue engg., they have special products which are approved which helps i wound healing and may have potential donor regrowth.And also helps in thickening of existing hairs. I found that my friends donor is same even after transplant.Yaa guys saw few bollywood personalities photos in the clinic.

Abhi Mule - a month ago
I am ABHI,33 years... sales manager in a MNC,Have done 1680 biocell fue hair transplant at anagen, will be 2000 more.I am happy with hairline design and was referred bu a friend . i highly recommend dr shah,anagen and dr nigams clinic.virtually painless and blood less.

Arshdeep Singh - a month ago
This is Arshdeep , a proud handsome sikh .Thanks to Anagen for making me head full of hair .I am back and rocking .I will be doing another 4000 grafts in few months for greater densdit at posterior scalp and vertex.i have already done 3600 Bio cell FUE grafts with natural hairline .My donor is little weak. will also bre using body hair to scalp transplant .Have already recomended a friend to anagen for hair transplant..Dr shah the surgeon and his team is quite helping and professional.

Vasudev Gaonkar - a month ago
I have enrolled for 6000 biocell fue grafts at anagen hairtransplant are very professional and have seen good results of other clients,will keep everyone updated with my results, i finalized anagen after lot of research.i highly recommend anagen clinic.

Vasudev Gaonkar - a month ago
I have enrolled for 6000 biocell fue grafts at anagen hairtransplant are very professional and have seen good results of other clients,will keep everyone updated with my results, i finalized anagen after lot of research.i highly recommend anagen clinic.

Nikhil Pathare - a month ago
I nikhil pathare did 2000 bicell fue hairgrafts at anagen hairtransplant clinic, the surgeon dr shah and dermats are very competent.i will be doing 5000 graft more, i got good result as of now with 2000 grafts,i will need 7000 grafts as i am nw7 grade baldness, i highly recommend anagen and thier team of doctors.

Arshdeep singh - a month ago
Hi this is Arshdeep singh.I did 4500 Grafts and got amazing results with the hair transplant in Oct and Feb2016.

Mehul Kothari - a month ago
Mr kothari here,i am from textile business, have done 4000 grafts , would be doing more in coming months, have referred 2 clients.i highly recommend anagen haikr transplant clinic dr shah is amazing and equally amazing is his team.

Mithun Koli - a week ago
great result at anagen hairtransplant clinic even with 2000 grafts, will be doing 3000 more grafts within 3 mnths, i was referred by my friend.

Nikunj Rupapara - a month ago
i am a dentist practicing in Mumbai, have done approximately 5000 fue grafts with Dr Shah in Anagen Clinic seven months before, and have got good dense result, 1 session is left with 1500 grafts which i will be doing in coming two months. i m 29 year old and with my last session i hope my baldness problem is solved for life. i refer my patients to Anagen clinic

Sachin Gujar - a month ago
Sachin from Pune did 3500 grafts,will be doing another 3500 hair grafts in coming months. Will give u an update. I saw other patients and the results were excellent. Will also be sending few references to the doctor.

Rohan Darde - 3 weeks ago
Amazing results.My nae is deeptej i did my hair transplant in April for 4000 grafts .i still have to do more 2000 grafts .The results are amazing and i am very happy about it.I would suggest Anagen to everyone who is looking for hairtransplantion.

Alex Almeida - 3 weeks ago
One of the best hair transplant centers. I have got good results and also recommend my friends in going for the transplant. The doctors make you feel comfortable.

Eustace Dcosta - a month ago
Thanks for giving my confidence back.. Had done FUE 3000 grafts in Jan 2016 and have got wonderful results. Had been to so many doctors but was not convinced.. finally a friend who had already done procedure In Anagen suggested me to visit this clinic.and since then there is no looking back

akhilesh sharma - a month ago
Amazing results .Thats the word i can say for Anagen Hair transplant.i did 2200 grafts and i got very good result with my hair growth .I am going to do further 3000 grafts after 7 months.I would recommend Anagen to everyone who is looking for hair transplantation.The Doctors and the staff working under them are also supportive and experienced.

praveen sapaliya - a month ago
had really a good experience, the doctors were really polite and helpful, also did guide me through the entire procedure of transplantation...has i have come through a friends referral looking forward a much better results in the near future.

Send Me - 8 months ago
my name is Manojj...nd have done fue with Anagen...its a best place for your hair transplant and the staff is very good.

virendra ginde - 3 weeks ago
My experience in doing hair transplant was very much i told my friends that do the transplant from here only

For the right patient, Having the right hair proportion and scalp characteristics, hair transplant surgery can be a life changing hair transplant cosmetic procedure. However, not every hair loss sufferer is a good candidate for surgical hair restoration or hair transplantation. Its important to fully understand the criteria that makes a good hair transplant candidate in order to make a better informed decision when considering surgical hair restoration. What a prospective hair transplant patient needs to remember is that there is a finite amount of donor hair that can be moved to the balding areas of the scalp, and If this hair isnt used in a prudent and efficient manner with hair transplant procedure, the outcome of the procedure will not meet a patients expectations. Do not underestimate the importance of discussing these issues with your hair transplant surgeon or hair transplant expert during your consultation. Providing the hair transplant surgeon/hair transplant expert with your honest expectations can better help him explain the reality of your particular situation why you need hair transplant, and discuss whether or not undergoing a hair transplant procedure is right for you. Its also important to note that the approach of surgically keeping up with your hair loss is not a practical way to address most patients situations. Unfortunately, this mentality has evolved through the flashy and high pressure, late night marketing that has been the cornerstone of the less than ethical side of the hair transplant industry. Having small procedures early on in the hair loss process can be disastrous. Many young men and women are mislead by this marketing approach and are forced to deal with the emotional and physical consequences of falling into this trap. Patients in the early ages of hair loss, who have a significant amount of hair run the risk of "shock loss" caused by the trauma of the surgical procedure. While in most cases, the native hair that was shocked out will return, it can take many months to appreciate the full result of the surgery, causing distress to those who are affected by this. In some cases the young patient might be left with less hair then before the procedure. Understanding who makes the right candidate for surgical hair restoration is vitally important during the decision making process. Consulting with a skilled and ethical hair transplant surgeon/ hair transplant expert will make this process easier. In general, the best candidates for hair transplant surgery are: Men who have been losing their hair due to genetic hair loss for more than four years, or who have progressed to a Norwood class III or above with hair loss. Men with realistic expectations who understand that their hair loss might continue to progress even if they are taking prescription medication to stop the progression. Men who have been balding for many years and whos pattern of loss has stabilized. Men and women who have lost hair due to trauma or burns. Men and women who have lost hair or who’s hairlines were raised due to other cosmetic procedures such as face-lifts and brow lifts. Women with stable donor hair who exhibit more of a male pattern, than a female diffuse unpatterned hair loss. Anagen and Hair Translant in Mumbai Video Gallery Always Authentic. We’re proud of our work and always feature real, natural photos & videos with no airbrushing. Hair transplants can have a remarkable impact on an individual’s appearance after successful procedure,be proud of the new way you feel of yourselves. We are proud to share before-and-after hair transplant videos of our real patients so you can see the kind of results you can expect from our unique hair transplant procedure with FUT and FUE hair transplant technique.